Here at Centage, we believe that CFOs, controllers, FP&A experts and others are critical to the success of any business. That’s why we’ve created the leading cloud FP&A platform that equips finance teams with the tools they need to confidently provide strategic recommendations, propose action plans backed up by data, and accurately report on progress and results.

In short, Centage’s Planning Maestro helps finance teams make a measurable contribution to the success of their business. Planning Maestro was designed to take advantage of modern technologies and advances in cloud computing and is optimized for performance, scale, integration and automation.

Automation. Finance leaders who embrace digital transformation and automation of routine tasks, significantly reducing the time needed for ‘busy work, can finally benefit from sophisticated financial intelligence and future-proofed architecture, without the high costs and complexity that have long plagued enterprise solutions. (automated financial statements)

Connectivity. Keep pace with the dynamic nature of business with always-on integration with your GL that makes it fast and easy to monitor and analyze budget vs. actuals all year long. ​

Agility. Continually monitor and adjust your operating and financial plan by connecting virtually any data source, creating a single source of truth makes it easier to know — with confidence — what to do and why. (simplicity, ease of use and implementation – less data)​

Visibility. Easily integrate and normalize data from multiple sources, which ensures accuracy and increases your line of sight into current and future financial health.​

Collaboration. Increase collaboration with operational stakeholders across the business by quickly testing assumptions and delivering accurate forecasts with practical recommendations that are backed up by rock-solid data and insights.​


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