How To Build Balanced Success As A Top Executive

Sep 4, 2023 | C-Suite Dynamics, CEO Insights

Before the pandemic, the c-suite worked 24/7 to the point that they were draining themselves. During the pandemic, the c-suite worked from home, and now, you are starting to see more top executives build a work-life balance. Below you will learn how to build a balance success as a top executive.

As reported by Forbes on July 26th, 2023, by Dr. Jolene Church.

The Journey Of A Top Executive Toward Balanced Success

In the world of high-stakes business and leadership, the narrative of the always-on, high-performing executive is all too common. Enter Amy, a seasoned executive at the peak of her career, a testament to the power of dedication, resilience and a relentless work ethic. Yet, Amy found herself amid a crisis that many high-performing individuals face: extreme burnout, a home life that was far from balanced and a widening chasm with her spouse due to her “all-in” work style. This is Amy’s story of transformation and her journey toward balanced success, offering key insights for leaders caught in a similar conundrum.

The Wake-Up Call

For years, Amy had thrown herself into her career, letting it consume every waking hour. It seemed to pay off—she ascended the ranks, made a name for herself and drove her company to unprecedented success. However, the costs were steep. Amy’s health began to decline, she barely spent time with her loved ones and her relationship with her spouse was strained. It took a moment of intense introspection for her to recognize the impact of her unbounded commitment to work.

The Turning Point

Amy’s journey toward achieving work-life balance and maintaining high performance started with a crucial realization: Success is not merely a career-oriented concept but encompasses personal health, relationships and overall quality of life. With the help of a professional coach, she began exploring strategies to redraw her life’s boundaries and align her personal and professional goals more harmoniously.

Reestablishing Boundaries

Reestablishing boundaries was the first step toward Amy’s new equilibrium. She learned to set clear “office hours” even while working from home, turning off work-related devices post-work to respect her personal time. She began setting boundaries in her personal life, too, ensuring she dedicated quality time to her spouse and children, engaging in activities that refueled her and recharged her batteries.

Communication: A Critical Tool

Amy realized that part of the tension in her relationship stemmed from a lack of communication about her work pressures. Opening up a line of dialogue with her spouse allowed her to express her challenges and frustrations, helping them understand her perspective and enabling them to work as a team to manage their home life more effectively.

Emphasizing Self-Care

Amy’s journey to balance emphasized the importance of self-care. Regular exercise, balanced nutrition and sufficient sleep became non-negotiables, in contrast to her previous lifestyle, where these were often compromised. She also learned to identify and manage stress symptoms, seeking professional help when necessary.

The Art Of Delegation

Amy realized that she couldn’t do it all. Delegation became an essential tool, both at work and at home. She empowered her team, giving them more responsibility while ensuring they had the necessary resources and support. This enabled her to focus on her core responsibilities and strategic planning, relieving her of day-to-day operational stresses.

Maintaining High Performance

Amy learned that maintaining high performance did not require constant work. By being strategic about her efforts, ensuring quality over quantity and focusing on her strengths, she continued to perform at a high level without risking her health or relationships. Amy’s journey is a powerful lesson for all high-performing executives: While hard work and dedication are important, they must be tempered with self-care, healthy relationships and a sense of balance. It’s not an easy path, but by setting boundaries, communicating effectively and prioritizing self-care, it’s possible to maintain high performance without sacrificing personal well-being. It’s time we redefine success to encapsulate a more holistic, balanced approach.

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